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KU-O, Market Square, Sunnybank

October 11, 2013

 KU-O is one of the few Japanese restaurants located in Market Square, Sunnybank.. Opened its doors at the start of the year and decided to try it since we've tried the others.. Came here for lunch and it was practically empty, only 2 tables were taken whilst the others were empty.. Not sure if this is their daily outcome or maybe it was just not a good lunchtime day for them.. It was packed when it opened, I guess that's how all the restaurants would be when they've just opened anyway..

Interior wise was nice since it resembled Japan well with the artwork and the wooden tables and chairs.. Downside was that eftpos is a minimum of $30 so prepare your cash, but if you go to sunnybank, you would have to save some cash in your wallet since most of the restaurants likes to take cash-only... 
For entree, we ordered the 'Crab Meat Korokke' ($5.9).. Japanese Korokke (croquette) usually has two different version, the vegtable version which consists of just potato and vegetables and the crab meat version which is potato and crab meat mix together.. I usually prefer the crab meat since I think it's yummier.. Buying korokke used to be what I used to buy when I'm around in city after high school, buying it from Kadoya in Elizabeth Arcade.. 
The Korokke came in 3 pieces, beautifully crumbed with that golden brown colour, a slice of lemon and a squirt of mayonnaise.. I asked for more mayonnaise and they nicely gave me more in a sauce bowl.. However, I was quite dissapointed as I couldn't taste that hint and that strongness of the crab meat.. Maybe they were cutting it back or something, but it was just okay and I've tried better..
They have lunch specials where you can choose from a variety of dishes which comes along with some sides and drink... Didn't feel like eating that much and just wanted to try their 'Karaage don' ($7.9).. First impression, pretty, colourful, good portion.. Downside, the karaage chicken wasn't like the other karaage chickens I've tried, didn't look like it anyway, the batter looked thin, didn't look liked it was crispy... And I was right, the batter was not crispy and it blended with the chicken well, however some of the chicken was dry inside and was not as moist as the others.. I would've preffered my karaage chicken crispier than what was given and more sauce to mix with my rice and chicken..
'Chicken Katsu don' ($8.9) was the favourite dish of them all.. It looked wonderful, the mayo and sauce across the chicken katsu.. the Katsu was nicely crumbed and it was crispy... The sauce and the mayo when mixed in together with the rice had that sweetness..
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