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Chingu Restaurant, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

November 02, 2011

Went here for a friend's dinner party ... Located in the heart of Fortitude Valley, and surrounded by other chinese, japanese, vietnamese restaurants ... It was really quiet, barely anyone inside when we came in... although, after we came in, there was another birthday party held there .. so it got pretty noisy and that .. And as you can tell by the name, "Chingu" ... I guess it's another Japanese restaurant owned by a Korean owner... "Chingu" means "friend" in korean by the way ..

While waiting for the others to come, we ordered Kimchi Pancake for starters and the Agedashi Tofu which is at the top photo above this one ... It was alright I guess ... It just tasted nothing special like the ones I've tried in korean restaurants ...

We weren't sure whether we should order and try the normal a-la-carte dishes or go with their buffet menu ... so we just ordered 3 big hotpots ... This one was "Bulgogi Jeon-Geol" which basically means "Bulgogi Hotpot" .. For those that don't know what 'Bulgogi' is, it's Korean styled marinated sweet soy beef.. It had Bulgogi, tofu, noodle and vegetables inside ...

Another hotpot that we ordered was "Bu-dae Jeon-Geol" ... Which had kimchi, sausage, ham, vegetables and noodle in a spicy soup ..
The amount of ham and sausage was actually not too bad for the price as well .. and they had dumplings as well at the top .. and the amount of vegetables pretty much filled the pot ... 

Last but not least, was the "Hae-Mul Jeon-Geol" .. which is Seafood Hotpot.. It had a variety of different seafood with tofu and noodles in a spicy soup...
Overall, it was alright I guess .. But yes, I have had better .. but hey, it doesn't hurt to try somewhere new =)
And this photo is just a random photo that shows a scoop of the seafood hotpot in a bowl hahahh

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