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Red And White Restaurant "A Taste of Peru", South Brisbane

November 02, 2011

On a friday night, my friends and I would randomly try out some new restaurants or if not, the same same thing .. but during this night, one of my friend suggested we go try a Perusian restaurant .. well, actually we had other thoughts on going somewhere else, but then walked past this restaurant and thought, why not give it a try? It was packed the last time we walked past it, so it shouldn't be too bad ...

Their interior and design was pretty just straight forward, tables and seats at the front and the side, the cashier on the right hand side of their restaurant~~ 

Sounded cool on the menu, so we gave it a try, and hey, it was quite a surprise for us all when it came out .. We actually kinda laughed at first, coz we didn't know what to expect really ... "Pulpo al Alivo" .. that was what they called it and it was described, 'Tender cooked octopus dressed in Peruvian black olive sauce'... Truthfully, I expected a really really black sauce, giving me memories of the pasta with the black ink sauce that I've eaten before .. but it wasn't as black .. actually, it was somewhat purple..?
It was actually delicious though, I don't think I would've regretted in ordering this .. It was kind of weird at the start because of the visible oil on top of the black olive sauce.. but hey .. the octopus was definitely tender as it was chewy hahah.. I like octopus ... 

"Seco De Cordero" .. Lamb ste- cooked in coriander, red wine, ají panca and ají Amarillo. Served on Peruvian style bean puree and steamed rice ... Apparently from the review of my friend, he said it was alright, although the lamb was not as soft as he thought it would be.. 

"Arroz con Mariscos"...Peruvian styled paella with yellow saffron rice, seafood mixture, served with salsa ... Truthfully, none of us really liked it... It wasn't that bad .. It just reminded us of normal fried rice .. basically... well, that's what paella is suppose to be anyway .. but ye ...
"Cebiche Mixto" ... Mixture of seafood and freshly diced fish uniquely marinated in lime juice, garlic, chilli, spices and herbs served with corn, red onions, lettuce and sweet potato ..It was definitely very limey ... actually, it was sour.. very sour .. but seeing as this was an 'entree' size, i had trouble finishing everything, maybe not because of the size but maybe of the sourness, but i didn't mind it actually seeing that it was something different and that I was in the mood for sashimi hahahhh ... but my friends said it was definitely too sour ... Even the juices of the lime and the herbs and spices was still more than enough to be able to dip the seafood into the juices. ..

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