San Kai Modern Japanese Restaurant (Takeaway), Southbank, Brisbane - my name is Food.

San Kai Modern Japanese Restaurant (Takeaway), Southbank, Brisbane

November 19, 2011

 "San Kai" , a japanese restaurant located in Southbank ... I've eaten here before for dinner, but just yesterday I tried their takeaway .. This dish is called 'Gyudon', which means "Gyu" as is beef and "Don" from "Donburi" which is food on top of rice.. So basically, this is beef with onions simmered in a mildly sweet sauce with shallots and radish served on top of rice .. However, I prefer it if it had abit more sauce ..

 "Unagidon" ... "Unagi" is eel .. and usually, for some reason, in restaurants..when they serve eel, they tend to serve it really simply ... Just having 2 pieces of grilled eel coated with a sauce on top of rice ..
 They also gave radish as well ... I have this thing for eels... Whatever you do to them, they will always always taste good ... And this eel, was actually really nice .. Even if I didn't finish the rice, I definitely finished my eels~
 Look at that eel !! =( I like eel, more like love it actually ... I like Unagidon so much better than teriyaki chicken or similar ones like that ... 

San Kai Modern Japanese Restaurant

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