The Fox Hotel, South Brisbane, Brisbane - my name is Food.

The Fox Hotel, South Brisbane, Brisbane

November 20, 2011

Fox Hotel is at Melbourne St near where the Cultural Centre bus station is at .. just walk down straight and you'll find it there.. Was walking around South Brisbane one evening with a few mates and thought why not just eat at the Fox Hotel..
The guys bought the steaks which was served with salad and chips.. Top photo, this photo and the bottom photo are all the steaks that they bought .. maybe they were like in a steak kinda mood.. Pepper Sauces and Mushroom sauces.. 

 BBQ Pork Ribs ... The guys bought this coz apparently they were "still" hungry after the steaks .. I didn't give it a try, but in a short period of time, before anyone realised, they were already munching on the ribs ... trying to suck all of the meat out of the bone~
 Beers~!! For some reason, beers is always a good drink to drink when eating steak or something right? hahahh... maybe wine would be more suitable, but in this kind of atmosphere, beer was =P

 Beer Battered Fish & Chips .. served with Tartare sauce and lemon... I guess it was just like a typical beer battered fish and beer battered chips .. i liked the tartare sauce though, it wasn't as sour as some of the tartare sauce I've tried .. and the batter for the chips was crispy so i liked it ~~

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