FunnyFunny Korean Bar & Restaurant, Brisbane CBD, Brisbane - my name is Food.

FunnyFunny Korean Bar & Restaurant, Brisbane CBD, Brisbane

November 23, 2011

 This is what they called a "Tsunami" .. You can have a choice of Beer & Soju or Sake & Soju & Beer or Whisky & Beer or Soju & Whisky & Beer or everything, which involves Soju & Whisky & Sake & Beer ..

The one shown on the photo above is Saje & Soju & Beer... The idea is that all the different types of alcohol is placed on the right side, while on the very left side is an empty glass where you actually pour all of the different alcoholic drinks on the right side into it... and then finally, you drink it at the end after all of the alcohol has been mixed~~ 
 "똥집튀김" - ddong jib dwi kim... Deep Fried Chicken Giblets.. The portion of it was enough for people to share... the batter for the deep fried giblets were nice... 
"청하" & "참이슬" ... This is basically Korean wines ... the one on the left is clear rice wine ... called "Cheong-Ha" is similar to Japanese sake~~ Whilst the one on the right is Soju... The brand is "Cham-I-Sul"... this is one of the famous and popular type of Soju... Soju is a clear,distilled spirit .. Usually these drinks are drunk in shot glasses~~

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