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Shabu House, Mary St, Brisbane

November 27, 2011

Shabu House on Mary St, next to the Korean Restaurant "Hanwoori" ... Before this shabu shabu restaurant opened, I remembered it was a club... and even if it still had the korean restaurant next to it, they recently had a construction, new owner and that apparently ... Shabu House seemed liked a new place to try out in the Brisbane CBD, so I tried and have came back a few times already XD 
the inside of the restaurant, it was just a part of it, but the interior was different and quite cool actually ... it had different coloured bottles decorated along the walls and the seats were wooden and so were the tables .. even along the wooden poles kinda looking thing, there were like random pot plants around it in the other side of the restaurant, i'll put up a photo later when I find it .. but at the moment, I think I only took a photo of this side of the restaurant ...
The main point of this restaurant was the individual shabu shabu .. I think it's a pretty good idea of how they have the individual hotpot kinda thing, instead of the normal typical shared ones you can get in other korean or japanese restaurants .. they also have sushi, obento and other typical japanese main dishes .. They also have coffees and cakes ..
First, they gave out these dipping sauces which included three different type of sauces .. and you could pick what kind of soup base you would like for your shabu shabu ..
The top photo was the "Katsobushi" which is Japanese Dry Fish Soup .. Whilst the bottom photo is the "Tomyum" which is Spicy and Sour Beef Bone Soup ..
And as for the Shabu Shabu, you could choose between Shabu Beef, Shabu Seafood, Shabu Pork or Shabu Vegetables ... This was the main dish but it also came with a variety of different vegetables, including bean sprouts, rice cake, assorted mushrooms, long cabbage, bok choy, noodles, tofu, fish tofu and crown daisy..
The top photo was the Shabu Beef or the Shabu Pork as they were both pretty similar, just the colour of the raw meat were different .. and the bottom was the Shabu Seafood ... It was actually not too bad coz they had squid, mussles, octopus, prawns and scallops ..
This was the heating system that they used .. "Induction Heating" ... "VEES" ... heheh ... 
The menus came out like these ... and this was the dessert and beverages menu ...

This cake was actually quite nice .. maybe it was because it was baked ... it was "Caramelised Pear Cheesecake" ... and they decorated it with caramel sauce =) I'm not really a caramel fan but this was yummy~
You can see that it was baked because of the baked marks on the cheesecake ..
One of the cakes they had were "Sweet Potato Cake" ... It was interesting, so I tried it ... and it was actually really nice ... the sweet potato wasn't that strong .. but the texture of it was really nice ..

From what I can remember, this was either their "Berry Tart" or their "Blueberry Tart" ..

This was their Mocha, served with a marshmallow and sugar ...
This was Cappucino ~~ And the bottom photo is their Hot Chocolate ... I really liked the glass that they had for the Hot Chocolate ... And I'm not trying to self-praise myself, but this photo of the hot-chocolate I took, I actually really LOVE it .. hahahahh ....
I came here again another day with a friend and just drank hot chocolate and ate their cakes again ... so, 
This was the "Chocolate Almond Pudding with Chocolate Sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream" .. the chocolate sauce was nice and it was good that they didn't overdo the "chocolate sensation" with chocolate ice cream .. keeping it nice and simple by using vanilla ice cream ..

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