The Three Monkeys Coffee & Tea House, West End, Brisbane - my name is Food.

The Three Monkeys Coffee & Tea House, West End, Brisbane

November 02, 2011

The Three Monkeys over at West end at night .. A good place to chill, hang, chat, while eating cakes or any nibbles available and sipping warm hot chocolate or coffee .. or even an iced drink.. 

Sat outside of the place and the decoration is quite random .. with a mixture of like a coffee bean sack being placed and hung onto a wooden look-alike photo frame ... Even the photo below, shows a buddha statue and another coffee bean sack hung on to a wodden photo frame ... On top of the buddha however, has a few different pattern tiles ..

Funny huh? The number I got for the table for our order was the number One, #1 ... pretty cool i though =P
Baked Blueberry Cheesecake .. It was actually really yummy ... I've had other cheesecakes before, and sometimes they can make you feel sick after a few bites due to their texture or richness .. but this one was just right I think .. Although, I expect more blueberries in the cheesecake, but overall was good~
The baked cheesecake from the side top, and just from the side view ...

Chocolate milkshake ... Given in a steel tall glass ... was pretty surprised when they gave it out, coz I was wondering what it was ... It was actually nice, maybe because it was a chocolate milkshake .. 
This was just a classic Earl Grey Tea ... 

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