Denim Co., Little Stanley St, Southbank, Brisbane - my name is Food.

Denim Co., Little Stanley St, Southbank, Brisbane

November 19, 2011

Denim Co. at Little Stanley St in Southbank ... A little cafe at the corner .. had blue coloured umbrellas with people simply sipping coffees and eating ... the style of the cafe reminded me of those street stalls in asia.. This photo is the Italian Hot Chocolate, seeing by the texture of the hot chocolate, it's really THICK ... and it definitely was thick ..
 Stools used as seats, and simple square and rectangle tables .. Breakfast menu at the bottom, price was just normal I guess ... Though, I haven't tried the breakfast nor the main menus ... as I had just finished eating lunch before I came here, so I ended up just drinking hot chocolate and eating cakes ..

What did I tell you? Look at the menu above, "Italian Hot Chocolate - Really Thick!" hahahh ... look at this zoomed up photo of the Italian Hot Chocolate ...hmmmm .. I guess, a try is alright, but once you had one, i think it was more than enough.. I couldn't even finish one whole italian hot chocolate all by myself .. maybe coz it was coz of the richness and the thickness ~~

 I think this was the berry cheesecake, though I'm not too sure of the real name .. plated with Vanilla Ice cream and a lavender, and cute decoration of flavoured syrup in the shape of hearts .. It was a good idea though.. To simply decorate a plate, and having that imagination in 

 Berry dripping and oozing off ... from the side of the cheesecake hehehh...
 Look at the hearts! I kept on staring at them when they brought the plate over ... it was sooo cute ~~ it reminded of joining hearts.... falling hearts ...

 I realised, I think I took more than enough photoes of the hearts ...Woops .. ah well~~
 Ice Chocolate and Ice Mocha .. It wasn't that bad ... for both price and size .. but the taste, wasn't as good as what I imagined it to be .. I've tried better.. but hey, give everything a try and we'll know =)

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