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Aspley Oriental, Aspley Hypermarket, Aspley, Brisbane

December 13, 2012

Aspley Oriental may just be the only northside chinese restaurant that has good Yum Cha.. Other than here, I guess, I would probably recommend southside for all the Yum Chas you want in as many various restaurants you would like to try... 

Do excuse me as I may not know all of the names for all of these dishes.. I think the photo above is something wrapped in tofu skin... Meat/seafoodish and veges..
Chicken Feet
A typical delicacy I may call it... Used to be my favourite Yum Cha dish when I was young, thought I've grown out of it now, but from time to time, I still like to order it... A lot of people usually do order this and I do have to say, you seriously have to taste and feel the chewy texture of their palm area of the chicken's feet... 
I'm not too sure what this was but I think it was prawn and shallots wrapped together... 
Turnip Cake/Carrot Cake
This turnip or carrot cake always gets to me sometimes... In asia, I know it and usually call it carrot cake.. But then in here, I know it as Turnip cake... So I guess they do have two different types of cakes varieties maybe...
Siu Mai
Beef & Vegetables stir fry
Just a normal beef and vegetables stir fry in soy sauce and sesame oil i think and garlic... 
Mango Pudding
Out of all of the desserts available in Yum Cha places, I would recommend the Mango Pudding... Basically cream and mango is wrapped in a mango taste-look-alike wrap..
Cream & Mango filling in Mango Pudding
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