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Sunny Seoul BBQ, Sunnybank, Brisbane

December 23, 2012

On a rainy day or i may say a very heavy rainy day where the roads nearly became flooded with rain and traffic is everywhere which makes it annoying at night to drive around in, a warm or hot food is all you need and of course lovely company.... I haven't been here before and so tonight was the night that I finally did try Sunny Seoul BBQ in Sunnybank on Mains Rd..

Interior wise may not be the best but remember the saying, 'Don't judge a book by its cover'... Well, just because it may not look as good, it doesn't mean the food wouldn't be delicious either... 

Menu was simple and there actually wasn't that much variety of food, however, photos were given and brief description too... However, I have heard that this restaurant did not have Jap-Chae which is basically a clear potato noodle with bulgogi meat and vegetables... But when I did ask the waiter, she actually did say that they did not sell it here and I was pretty surprised myself, usually, generally, ALL Korean restaurants would sell it... 
Complimentary side dishes are given and suprisingly they actually gave out six different types of side dishes... I am not too sure of what all of them may be called, but there were Kimchi, Cold Potato, Cold noodle salad, Korean version of Coleslaw, Spicy marinated seaweed and lettuce and Spicy marinated cucumbers...

Ordered the 'Half Size Combination' which is targeted for 2 people...
Half Size Combination
This BBQ combination consisted or pork spare ribs, ox tongue, pork belly, beef spare ribs, marinated beef and chicken... I think that was all.. and a mushroom, a slice of pumpkin and a quarter of lemon...
Pork Belly
For the price and the portion, I definitely think that it was worth it to come here and have a try when you're around Mains Road and is looking for a Korean BBQ restaurant...

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