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Meet Fresh, Sunybank Plaza, Sunnybank, Brisbane

December 13, 2012

Taro Balls Tofu Pudding
Having hearing the buzz around this new dessert place, I should have tried it when it opened or maybe near the time it did.. But unfortunately not.. tried it abit late instead.. Ah well... Located inside the Sunnybank Plaza next to the Viet restaurant and the butchery... 

Inside of the place was simple with simple interiors as well.. It could've been better I think if they did layout their interior abit better, as they could fit maybe more customers in instead of spacing the seatings too far apart or so... 
 Desserts are made infront of you if you do want to have a look... Various toppings are displayed and they will just simply combine the toppings together in whichever dessert you pick and order... 

Taro Balls Pudding
I am not really a big fan of the tofu pudding as they call it, however this was alright and I think that it is good that someone has actually expanded Meet Fresh over to Brisbane instead of just expanding more Bubble Teas around... It is something different and others will be able to enjoy Asian desserts in a specific place and not have to go to various restaurants in order to find these desserts... 

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