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Dae Jung Kum, Robertson, Brisbane

December 12, 2012

Korean BBQ in Sunnybank? I usually do just go to my usual Korean BBQ restaurants in the Brisbane CBD... But tonight was BBQing at sunnybank.. This is  basically next to the Sunnybank plaza... Though it does say 'Robertson' (i'm actually not too sure why, but it was stated on the website, so I'll just follow it)...

Side dishes are usually the things that many people like Korean restaurants... They give out complimentary side dishes while you wait for your meals to arrive, but do remember and realise that not all Korean restaurants are like this... I have been to a few that gives out side dishes abit late, some places gives it out when your meals have arrived... And some may even just forget about it until you ask them about it...
Marinated peanuts which are not crunchy nor too soft.... Seaweed vegetables mixed with vinegary sauce I think... For mains, we ordered one of the BBQ deals and it was big in portion wise however, I don't think it was as fresh or as well set out as the usual BBQ places I have been to... 
The meat were frozen and usually they shouldn't be... Even if they are pre-packaged, you should not give out frozen meat to customers... This did take awhile to be cooked as it was frozen and you could even notice the ice around them as well.. Though it did not happen to all the meat, but once I saw the icey meat, I didn't really have a good feeling about it... 

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