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Le Bon Choix, Queen St, Brisbane CBD

December 01, 2012

Almond Croissant
Went to Le Bon Choix in the CBD for another lovely moment for sweets and chocolates and coffees... A friday afternoon spent here is definitely nice... Although the bustling city never seems to die down nowadays due to the office workers and the ongoing traffic.. But it was a nice time to just chill and enjoy the food and the talks... 
Bought the chocolate croissant during our previous visit and seeing as we had gotten a recommendation for their almond croissant and the fact that we did not get it previously, we got it finally... I prefer the almond croissant than their chocolate croissant..

12 Devine layers of Chocolate, Min Tones, mousse and cake
The "Akina"... This 12 layered chocolate with mint tones is definitely highly recommended... Who would have thought chocolate can be twelve layered so detail and precise as well as a layer of mint tones.. 
The "Miroula"... Chocolate Macadamia Mousse and Creme Brulee Centre... I do have a photo of the Miroula cake as a whole but sadly this blog wouldn't let me post it and will only post it sideways, so I decided to not add it in... However, the two photos above shows the Miroula cake outside and the inside... As you can see from the photo in the right, you are able to see how the creme brulee centre is... This is also another recommended cake... It seems that most of the cakes here are recommended...
What we bought on our second cafeing
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