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Chocolateria San Churro, South Brisbane

December 01, 2012

the side of Tres Choc Pudding
Came here with a few friends for an afternoon coffee and desserts... wasn't as busy as usual due to students still in school and all.. Was already pretty full from lunch so didn't really buy alot and just basically used the time to do our chit chatting...
And for the third visit, we ordered "Churros for Two" which consisted of 6 churros and 2 dipping sauces which we chose the caramel and the dark chocolate..Wasn't that hungry nor was I that thirsty, the others had bought their shakes and hot chocolates and all, but I figured that there was one dessert that I wanted to have similar to the Bizcocho but I wanted to try something else.. and so, I ordered the "Tres Choc Pudding"..

Churros for Two
Tres Choc Pudding
Warm chocolate pudding with hot chocolate custard, dark melted chocolate topped with raspberry coulis..You can see the inside of the pudding with the big chocolate pudding right in the middle of the glass and the hot chocolate custard surrounding it and the raspberry coulis on top...
Tres Choc Pudding's inside
If you like the idea of chocolate and fruitful taste mixed together, then I may say that this  might be the one for you.. It was a very good mixture but this too was very rich... the coulis had a really strong taste with the raspberry and fruity flavours, and the hot chocolate custard really blended in well with it.. but again, it was very very rich..
Tres Choc Pudding
When mixed together, you still can see the richness of the dessert, but do remember to mix it well to get the combination of the coulis and the chocolate custard... if not, you might just get a chunk of cake and coulis together... Another dessert that I do recommend for you guys to try... Wonderful =)
mixed up Tres Choc Pudding
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