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C'Est La Vie, Indooroopilly, Brisbane

December 23, 2012

Went to Indro Shopping Centre in the morning and decided to have brekky while at it... Couldn't really be bothered walking around too much, so went and sat to the nearest cafe there was when coming into the mall from the carpark... 
For drinks, ordered a pot of English Breakfast Tea... Milk on the side, though I didn't use it in the end..
To be truthful, the target customers seemed to be around the late thirties or so since most of the customers were aged couples or so... It was simple interiorly designed and in the corner just before the entrance and exit of one of the carparks..
Brekky Melt
Ordered the "Brekky Melt", though it sounded more tastier on the menu than it was when I got it.. 
Scrambled Eggs
Potato Rosti aka. Hash Browns
Grilled Tomato

Bacon and melted cheese on top of a thick toast
The combination between the scrambled eggs, mushrooms, potato rosti, grilled tomato and the melted cheese toast was good but for me, it wasn't as delicious or as such.. It was just simply normal... Yes, it was reasonaly portioned and all, but it didn't satisfy me nor did it please me... The scrambled eggs were quite tasteless for me..

Herbed Cheese Bread
I actually found this 'Herbed Cheese Bread' to be somewhat somehow better tasting than the 'Brekky Melt'... It was simple yes, but the blending of the cheese and the herbs were just nice... I'm not saying that it was wow, but it was better than the Brekky Melt..
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