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Landmark, Sunnybank Plaza, Sunnybank, Brisbane

December 12, 2012

Had Yum Cha at Landmark in Sunnybank plaza for lunch... Haven't had Yum Cha here for awhile, so decided to come here.. Place is quite massive when compared to the other chinese restaurants and is usually seen to be booked for wedding receptions and such... Some have said that this is the best Yum Cha in Brisbane, while others may disagree.. Everyone are entitled to their opinions so, I guess you'll just have to try to find out...

Shu Mai
Ordered various yum cha dishes such as the "Shu Mai" which is commonly ordered in Yum Cha and it is basically a dumpling but instead of being covered as a whole, it is half covered at the bottom only... It usually consists of minced meat, shrimp, mushrooms etc... Though they usually vary from restaurants to restaurants, but most of them tend to be basically the same...
Prawn and Scallop Dumpling
BBQ Pork Rice Paper Rolls
These rice paper rolls have a variety of BBQ Pork, Chicken, Beef or Prawn... I usually always get the BBQ Pork and I do think it is nice although some places chops the BBQ Pork, while others actually leave it in a reasonable small size...

Prawn wrapped in tofu skin and seaweed
Egg Tart
If you're feeling up for Yum Cha and is around Sunnybank Plaza, then I do recommend this place, although I think the service could've been better as a waiter walked into me as I was holding a plate of calamari I think she was in a hurry or so and didn't apologize and a few of my calamari had fallen out of the plate which she just did not simply care about... But do have a try Yum Cha at Landmark...

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