AOK Hong Kong Cafe - Ngong Ping Village, Lantau Island, New Territories, Hong Kong - my name is Food.

AOK Hong Kong Cafe - Ngong Ping Village, Lantau Island, New Territories, Hong Kong

December 17, 2018

Ngong Ping Village was somewhere we wanted to go to see the Big Buddha, plus ride in the cable car ride which goes across the island allowing us to see panoramic views of Lantau Island, Hong Kong Airport and the seascape. Oh, you can also catch a glimpse of the Buddha too. Before starting our walk and hike up, we decided to have a quick meal and found ourselves in a traditional style cafe.

Was able to snap a photo before it got very crowded, it was a very hot hot day indeed.

Shrimp Wonton Noodle was a warm and easy simple meal to have during our trip to Ngong Ping. The broth was not very strong in terms of taste as it tasted quite bland with a slight hint of salt. The simple chinese vegetables gave the noodle soup the crunch texture while the shrimp wonton was made quite well, not simply falling off its skin.

Wanting to have more roasted meat, we ordered the Barbecue Pork w rice which was another interesting dish as the Barbecue pork was nothing like what we get in down under. But it was worth the try, it had more lean with less fat than the usual and it wasn't bright red. One stalk of chinese vege on the side was useless I reckon, if they wanted to have a bit of a balance then more chinese veges would have been good.

As you can probably tell from the image below, the pork had the slight charring from the grill but still had its soy sauce based marination. A good spoonful when the pork is eaten together with the warm rice.

*Please note this is a delayed post and as such, the menu may have changed since my visit to the establishment.

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