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Espressamente Illy - Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

December 05, 2018

Espressamente Illy has now closed since we came so please don't try and find it in Harbour City. They still do have their other coffee shops elsewhere scattered around the island, so best to find them instead.

Illy is known for its coffee, of course, but in Aussie, we don't always have it around or easily used in coffee shops or restaurants like the local coffee roasters. However, these arabica beans is always safe when overseas and trying to find a coffee shop that may just have a seat or two for you to sit at other than having to takeaway. Even if coffee shops are everywhere, they seems to be always full.


The cafe wasn't only a cafe but was also a store where you can buy Illy goods ranging from their beans to machines to gift boxes or even cups.


Ordered a Cappuccino and Mocha Freddo while we unwind from all the walking and shopping as well as the sightseeing, was a good choice as although it was busy, we were quite lucky to get a seat in the corner where it wasn't too busy. The Cappuccino was made well with the Mocha Freddo was rather interesting with the milk froth floating on top and chocolate syrup amongst it. Once stirred with a spoon, the flavours was sweet but had that coffee kick that I needed.

*Please note this is a delayed post and as such, the menu may have changed since my visit to the establishment.

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