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Sonder Dessert - Sunnybank Hills, Brisbane

December 22, 2018

Be ready to queue up during Friday or Saturday nights as this place do get packed. Starting to be our go to place when meeting mates for late night coffee. Well, maybe add in a dessert or a float. It might be hard to find parking as they only have a few but parking  at Pinelands make it more bearable and easier.


It's not a table service so you do order at the counter so once you do find a seat, you'll need to grab one of the menus from the front counter. However, they do bring out the food/drinks out to you, so you don't need to wait or pick it up yourself. With seatings outside and inside, though you may think it may be enough but maybe they need to start thinking of expanding or franchising as this has continuously been a hit since they've opened. Maybe the other coffee or dessert shops need to realise that there are a lot of people out there who would like to hang out or meet up with others or even go on a date late night... so for those closing at 9pm or 10pm, it really doesn't help. Not everyone can be bothered driving to the CBD just to meet up and find a place that's open till late.

One of their specialty would be their matcha drinks, they also have hojicha and other sort of drinks including the usual coffee items, sesame, purple sweet potato and so on.

Matcha was one of their floats which was Iced matcha latte and matcha ice cream. The combination of matcha on matcha works, not overpowering nor powdery which was good. The right amount of ice needed but the ice cream do melt quite quick specially in Summer.

Anmitsu was one of their specialty dessert, milk jelly, dango, warabi mochi and tsubu an sprinkled with black sesame seeds. It also comes with a syrup on the side to enhance the flavours of each of the condiments. Tsubu-an is a sweet red bean paste so it isn't chunky red beans, it has a mushier texture but yet still chunky and a more sweet note to it. The dango blended well with the syrup as well as when you eat it with a spoon of the matcha ice cream. The milk jelly didn't really do it for me.. like there wasn't any flavour. So you would've needed to eat it with either the tsubu-an or the matcha ice cream or just the syrup.

They also have their own range of ice creams but I've never had them yet as we usually tend to just have drinks and maybe a dessert or two.

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