Gong Cha - Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong - my name is Food.

Gong Cha - Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

12:23:00 AM

OMG, we finally found a Gong Cha and just had to buy one. The price was cheaper than what we would pay in Brissie which was upsetting. It's like paying for a regular for the size of a large... gah, not wanting to think for too long since we were walking back to our hotel, we decided to just buy a large Bubble Tea.

So many flavours that we havent' seen nor tasted before but we thought for comparison reasons and for equality, we thought we could just get our usual Taro Milk Tea with pearls. The taro pulp always adds that extra texture which we enjoyed instead of just a powdery taro bubble tea. The pearls were cooked well, not too hard nor too soft, just the right consistency of chewyness.

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