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Laksa Hut - Indooroopilly, Brisbane

December 18, 2018

While around the area and visiting Westfield, we thought we'd stop by and have laksa since it's been a while back since my last visit.... when it was based in Toowong. It was empty for a lunchtime but maybe due to their change of location as well as being in a place where we do need to find our own street parking may have had a downside to their move.

Spring roll was a nice starter to have but they were quite small for the price. The dipping sauce that came with it was a bit sweet but went well with the spring roll.

Salted fish and diced chicken fried rice was okay and had enough vegetables and chicken as well as salted fish in every bite. The portion was smaller than what I thought it would be but maybe I was comparing to the rest of the other dishes we had ordered. The salted fish mixed in well with the diced chicken and it wasn't over marinated or over powering against the rest.

Roast Pork Laksa was served in a big red bowl full of roast pork pieces ready to be gobbled up. Some still had the crispy skin whilst some didn't but it didn't really matter since it's already in the laksa so not all of them is going to be crispy anyway. Using their own house made laksa paste, creamy coconut milk and soup stock, the flavours were divine. A good amount of kick, a bit too much for me but not for the others, it allowed all of the elements in the laksa stand out with the noodles absorbing the flavours.

The laksa was loaded with vegetables, rice noodles with a meat of your choice ranging from pork, chicken, beef, vegetables, tofu and more.

When it used to be in Toowong, it would be an easy access to and from however since now they're based in Indooroopilly, it seems that it's a bit hard. Maybe because we just can't be bothered driving to the area unless we really need to. But this laksa is a must try if you're around the area and feel like eating a noodle soup.

BBQ Pork Clear Noodle Soup, a choice between egg or rice noodles is available and we opted for the egg noodles this time. The laksa already had rice noodles in it anyway. The flavour of the broth had the right saltiness but felt that it was lacking something. The greens that came with it could've been at least cut or sliced into half as it was hard trying bite it off. Much easier if it was just chopped. Easier to eat and share.

The BBQ pork was well done but then, we don't usually eat BBQ pork like these often. Not because we don't like it or don't want to buy it, we just simply can't be bothered buying it from the butcher.. so we usually just eat it when we are out. The BBQ pork added the extra sweetness in the broth and the whole dish.

Nasi Lemak is always something that can bring a smile to someone's face when eating it. However I did feel that it lacked the extra roasted peanuts, anchovies, freshly chopped cucumber but then the main components of it would be the two curries. And it was okay.. it wasn't wow but they were both cooked well. The rice was said to be coconut rice but we felt that it wasn't strong enough.

Both curries were cooked well, the chicken was soft as well as the beef. The chicken had a bit more of the chilli kick than the beef however it may have been due to the sauce or texture. The potatoes was medium soft, not too soft nor too hard to easily slice it with your fork.


*Please note this is a delayed post and as such, the menu may have changed since my visit to the establishment.

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