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Mr Bap - Sunnybank Hills, Brisbane

December 19, 2018

It wasn't very busy during lunchtime which we both prefer rather than having a too noisy atmosphere. Mr Bap's lunch specials had an assortment of dishes such as rice meals, bibimbap and hotpot on offer. Since it was quite hot, we weren't feeling like hotpot.

A variety of side dishes is brought over to the table along with cutleries and water. These side dishes are always a great way to not think about the grumbling tummy and keep you nibbling on it bit by bit while waiting for your dishes to arrive. Though it changes from time to time, kimchi is always present. Other than kimchi, we had a mashed potato salad along with pickled seaweed.

Fresh raw bibimbap was refreshing and a decent portion. The amount of vegetables also was decent which was satisfying when mixed altogether. The raw beef gave the whole dish that extra refreshing taste but also since the beef didn't have that beefy smell, it wasn't sickening or ewwy looking. Just break the egg and mix it altogether, that's just the best way to eat it.

An extra charge applies if you want extra kimchi or cheese topping on top of your dish.

The assorted vegetables included cucumber, carrot, bean sprouts, lettuce, shallots, egg yolk and fernbrake. I wasn't a big fan of the fernbrake, maybe it was because it wasn't cut in a shorter length which made it hard to chew and swallow. I usually don't use too much of the Gochujang sauce for my bibimbap as I'd prefer it rather slightly natural so instead of pouring all the sauce over the whole dish, I'd just use a decent amount until it give the dish the slight red colour and a hint of chilli kick.

Bulgogi w rice was served on a big black plate and was quite decent in portion yet again. The bulgogi was cooked well but I felt that it was a bit dry overall. A bit more of the sauce or the juices would have helped make the dish better.

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