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McDonald's - Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

December 16, 2018

Whenever and wherever we travel, we always seem to make a stop over in McDonald's.  Either once or twice or even for a midnight snack. There isn't a specific reason why but maybe so that we can try the different items available that we won't be able to find in down under. A few items available in Hong Kong that is definitely different would be their twisty pasta. Imagine macaroni, eggs, a choice of sausage or grilled chicken or ham served in a hot chicken or tonkotsu broth with other greens. Gosh, that's definitely something you won't find..

Sausage McMuffin w Egg, a classic from one of McDonald's breakfast options. The patty however, was different to the one we're used to in Brissie. The spice in the sausage was more distinct than what I've tasted usually as a breakfast.

The black coffee was served with a side of fresh milk which we used to make ourselves a somewhat Flat White.

Hotcakes Deluxe Breakfast, three pancakes served with their spicy sausage patty, hash browns and butter on the side with maple syrup. I usually only use the butter but this time, I thought I'd give the maple syrup a go just a little bit. It did do the pancakes some good as the butter made the pancakes moist, but the maple syrup added a little bit of extra sweetness specially when trying to balance the spicy sausage when having your first, second and third bite and more.. A unique combination but somehow but it worked.

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