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Eastern Express in Paradise, Surfers Paradise

April 16, 2012

Eastern Express in Paradise .. reminds me of a small warung.. located near Subway, Japanese Restaurant .. Not many of us were hungry at the time, so just came to have a snack or maybe a nibble ..

Popcorn Chicken Large .. It was crispy yes, it was chicken yes, although it kind of had this taste, the feeling, the texture of Chicken Karaage.. or was that what they were aiming for?  
 I thought the Popcorn Chicken was alright, but seriously .. the entree .. could've been abit more decent .. 
 The portion could be easily finished in one gulp or serving I may say .. or one mouthful ..
 What was the most surprising was the dimsum, they were very tiny, and even one bite could make it dissapear..
Maybe it was because we only tried the entrees and not their mains .. But their 'Hainan Chicken' was the only main dish that we bought that day, the portion was alright, and the taste, from what my friend said, he said it was just okay.. Good Enough ... 

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