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Red and Grill, Brisbane CBD, Brisbane

April 11, 2012

A few Charcoal Korean BBQ restaurants has opened in the Brisbane CBD, though you can distinguish one from the other from the portion and the prices.. Red and Grill is one of the Charcoal BBQ places which I prefer than the other ones I know in CBD.. The portion and the price is not too bad, and it does fill you up.. it does not charge you nearly $20 for a portion of meat and gives you like a little or a portion which you're like, "is this it?"....

Side Dishes are compulsory in general Korean restaurants.. they may include a variety of different type of dishes, depending on maybe what they have at the time, or what they decide to serve.. At the top here, is just simply marinated soy sauce cut potatoes..
Here is some sort of crunchy noodles mixed with vegetables and seafood stick marinated in mayo or a sauce of their own..
The usual side dish that all Korean restaurants would give out is their 'Kimchi'.. which is fermented cabbage with chilli powder and vegetables.. 
This is eggplant with green pepper ..
A variety of different entrees but for some reason, the usual one that i usually find the most worthate is their pancakes.. you could usually choose from Kimchi, Seafood or Vegetable Pancake.. They usually also have dumplings, boiled or fried on offer as well and etc..
Their Vegetable pancake... Portion is good, the side of the pancakes was crispy whilst the inside was moist..
This was their Marinated Beef .. Sorry, I kindof forgot to take a picture of the menu, so i'm not too sure about the names.. the marination was good as it covered the whole beef meat.. topped up with sesame seeds..

This is their 'Thin Cut Pork Belly'.. you can choose from either the thick cut or the thin cut, I like both but it just depends whether you want to wait abit longer for the thick cut pork belly to cook or not.. but both is good, as the only differences is the thickness of the meat..
And again, this is beef .. but I'm not sure which one it is... Although, I think it was their Beef Skirt..
Usually, when you do order the meats for BBQ, there is a minimum of 2 orders.. So you cannot order 1, as you have to order a minimum of 2 different or same meats.. They usually give you 2 sauces for each person and a plate of your own salad as well. You can ask for more salad or sauces when it runs out.. You also get a sauce plate filled with cut garlic and green pepper which you tend to usually wrap the meat, abit of rice, sauce, and maybe garlic/green pepper inside one of the salad leaf and eat it all at once..

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