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Max Brenner, South Brisbane, Brisbane

April 10, 2012

Max Brenner on a weekday night and yes, it still full.. a long queue, a while to stand there and wait.. but in the end, all the chocolates seems to have made you forget about all the waiting...

The fondue for two, includes a choice of white, dark or milk chocolate ..
Candle at the bottom, a bowl of hot water and your chosen chocolate .. The bowl may seem small at the start, but once you start eating it and start to dip the strawberries etc, it never seems to end ..
The bowl of half cut strawberries, marshmallow and banana bread..
A few chocolatey drinks were ordered .. like this ' White Chocolate Frappe '... soooo white chocolatey indeed~~ you can also choose from dark or milk chocolate.. Although it is a simple drink, it was still yummy..
The bottom photo is the 'Strawberry Float' .. it is white chocolate with fresh strawberries with vanilla ice cream scooped on top.. 
These drinks were all served in an Alice mug .. maybe because of the way it is shaped allows it to be able to be drunk and as the mug tilts, the drink won't go everywhere or drip towards you.. pretty smart idea huh?
Another drink .. this was the 'Peanut Butter and Chocolate Milkshake'... you could really taste the peanut butter and the chocolate blended together..
The 'Tutti-Frutti Waffle' .. You could choose to add extra stuff on it ..this time the waffle was served with strawberries, bananas and vanilla ice cream.. 
Bananas, Strawberries, Vanilla Ice Cream .. 
The waffles was wonderful , served with melted milk chocolate on top.. It is pretty hard to find good waffles around here.. 
You can order extra waffles as well if you would like to ... which some people might, seeing as they might not be able to get over the warm waffles and chocolate..

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