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Makanan Indonesia, West End, Brisbane

April 10, 2012

The first thing you might notice before you enter the restaurant is the loud live music, with old tracks which will make you remember the good old days.. On nights live music will always be here to entertain you.. Another thing you might notice is how the restaurant is filled with Indonesian paintings, Indonesian 'Batik' for each of the table covers and just the restaurant itself may make you remember those feelings of 'warung' which is a word in Indonesian literally translated to small shop or restaurant..

 Menu is simple but they do have a lot of different variety of dishes, ranging from Entree, Vegetarian dishes, Noodle, Curries, Rice, Fried Rice, Seafood etc. A description is also written at each of the dishes' name's bottom...
 This was their 'Ayam Goreng Kalassan' which is basically marinated fried chicken.. 

The marination was good, and portion of chicken although small, it is still not that bad I guess..
 Served with 'Kecap' and 'Sambal' which is 'Soy Sauce' and 'Chilli' .. If you want to order rice, you would have to order extra for it..
This was their 'Fried Noodle with Salty Fish and Chicken' .. You could choose what type of noodles you want, and whether you want noodle soup or fried noodle.. the type of meat you want, chicken, beef, salty fish, seafood is also available for you to choose depending on your tastes..
Portion was not bad, taste was just normal for me.. nothing special.. but maybe because of the salty fish and the portion of meat in it, might make the dish get a higher praise from me hahahh.. or maybe it was just because it has been awhile since I ate salty fish and have missed it...

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