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J Kitchen, Surfers Paradise

April 17, 2012

 This was not our intended Japanese restaurant that we were going to go and eat at, but, due to reasons that the one we wanted to go to was closed, and we would have to wait for a few hours till it reopened again, we decide to go to the one near it ...

 The restaurant was simple with the kitchen covered by a Japanese curtain with 'Ramen' printed on it and tables and seatings were wooden and water and cutleries were self-served kindof.. There was no clear cashier or anything but you basically just had to raise your hand or try and get the waitress attention in order to order and to pay as well..
 After my attempt at buying their Salmon Rice or something seafoody, the waitress told me that they weren't selling any seafood today which made me turn my smile into a sad one... So, i ended up ordering 'Shougayaki Don' .. which is pork in ginger sauce on top of rice .. It wasn't as delicious as I thought it would be, and the waitress did recommend it.. 
 I've eaten Shougayaki before and it tasted nice .. but this one was just normal .. reminded me of just a normal stir fry... The sauce was not enough for me, so I had to add soy sauce on top of my dish ..
 'Katsudon' ... Pork Onion Rice.. it was alright, the sauce was apparently not enough, so I recommended to add extra soy sauce and it made it nicer~~
 The pork katsu was not as crispy as it has been mixed with the onion and egg together ..
 'Sukiyaki Don'... Beef Vegetables Rice... It had beef, egg, radish, clear glass noodles, onion, greens.. all on top of a bowl of rice ..
 'Tatsutaage Don'.. Chicken Rice .. I liked this actually, even if it wasn't my own dish ... but the chicken was battered nicely and although it was not that crispy, but it was alright .. and yet again, the sauce was not enough so soy sauce had to be added in order for the rice to get some sort of taste and saucyness as well ..
 'Teriyaki Don' .. Chicken in Teriyaki Sauce on top of rice .. For some reason, everyone ended up agreeing that this was the best dish out of all of the dishes ordered .. Even though, the Teriyaki Chicken was only a few pieces on a stick, but the teriyaki sauce and the tenderness of the chicken did it .. and the teriyaki sauce was also an alright amount which allowed the rice to also absorb the sauce..

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