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Sushi Train, Carseldine, Brisbane

April 11, 2012

Sushi Train at Carseldine is located at Carseldine Central, near where Woolworths, Nandos are... Sushi Trains are getting more popular nowadays, due to the increase of office workers wanting quick, easy food to go in the CBD area, or even for those who wants a light lunch or maybe a filling one.. from different sorts of sushis ranging from meats and seafood, from slightly grilled to fried to raw.. whether you want to sit down and have a chat while sipping on your hot green tea and wait for your favourite sushi to train by..

Chicken Karaage Rice... The Chicken Karaage in all of the Sushi Trains I have been to has been nice, as they are a franchise and so they use the same ingredients to make the karaage batter, i have to personally say that their chicken karaage is better than many other chicken karaages i have eaten in other restaurants..
The batter is not soft or soggy, and it is crispy and the sauce that they pour over it, does not make it as soggy quickly.. which is good, as I like my karaage to be crispy when I bite into it, and not soggy like when fried food is dipped into soups where then all the feeling of fried-ness goes away..
Again, the Chicken Karaage.. but this time, it was the Udon Chicken Karaage...
The only difference is that instead of rice, it is replaced by a warm, hot udon ... usually served with wakame (seaweed) and chives or maybe it's green onions...
The Chicken Karaage ... Look at the batter ... and the chicken itself is soft and not dry .. which is good..
Katsudon Rice .. Basically a big piece of Katsudon on top of rice .. served with greens and a lemon... oh, and did i mention mayonnaise as well?
The Katsudon itself was alright, though some parts can be a bit dry, but overall it was alright .. they've also poured a sauce over it and sesame seeds..
Most of the Sushi Trains would have similar tastes, as they get their ingredients from the same market.. But, maybe they might have those times, where some places might taste better than some .. 

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