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Little Hong Kong, Market Square, Sunnybank, Brisbane

April 12, 2012

Back to Little Hong Kong again at Market Square, where it's still open when you end up getting hungry at night and people are still busy chatting and eating ... There are a few other restaurants that are open, but sometimes their kitchen may close earlier or something .. So, back here again, and for some reason, I can't be bothered trying the other dishes, so the usual dishes always gets ordered, with maybe one or two different ones .. or maybe just end up buying the same thing again ... 

Congee with chicken and century egg ... topped with fried wanton skin and peanuts ..
This may just be 'one' dish ... but seriously, the portion of it, may fill like 2 or more people, depending on what else you do end up buying .. 
I found a 'century egg' !! =) I like century eggs ... i like their taste, the texture, the colour , it's interestingly weird but delicious ..
Okay, maybe I shouldn't be putting this again, but this is the same dish 'Congee with chicken and century egg' but it was a different day and time .. and the reason I've put this in this blog even though it is the same .. is because I wanted to show the differences ..
 The differences on these congees is that they've replaced the peanuts with chives, and the bowl that they've served it in is different as well, I think the previous one was bigger ..
BBQ Combo time .. You can choose a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 .. they've got BBQ pork, Crispy Skin Pork Belly, Chicken, Duck and that ... 
And again, I've ordered this dish twice, two different days and times .. and their presentation is different and I'm not sure about the amount, but it looks pretty much the same, just that maybe the size of the pig that they had at the time may vary .. so that's why maybe the second BBQ combo may look as if it has a bigger crispy skin pork belly ...

 A close up of the Crispy Skin Pork Belly ... Pork Belly.. I don't understand why people may not fall in love with this part of the pig meat if they are a pork fan .. pork belly is probably one of the best pig parts, pork parts you may eat, bite, munch, endulge on .. with that tenderness, with that fatness (oh oh ...)
 BBQ Pork ... they've also poured over their sauce .. I'm not too sure what sauce it is though ..
 I like it with a bit of the sauce, as if I had eaten the BBQ pork by itself, it might've been a little bit dry for me .. but it all comes to personal taste...
 argh ... I forgot what this was.. I think it was their Combination Hokkien Mee ..
 Portion was big .. as usual ... it had a mixture of meats and seafood and vegetables all stir fried ... it was not too bad I guess, just that it was kinda oily abit ..

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