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Hog's Breath Cafe, Aspley, Brisbane

April 12, 2012

Haven't been to Hogs Breath for awhile, so decided to go here for lunch the other day.. and oh my god, should I tell you how happy I was from being hungry, to being a satisfied little vegemite with a smile on my face as I kept on munching and munching down the food .. Went to the one over at Aspley, near where Hungry Jacks, Fasta Pasta, Baskin and Robbins and Harvey Norman is..

The first thing you see in front of the front door is this random surfboard and a random gas machine look alike thingy ..
The tables and chairs .. the tv's at the top .. the random lights .. the random photographs, photoframes, signs etc.
Wooden tables, and coloured lights do not match .. I'm sorry ..
Even their salt and pepper is stored inside a Corona beer bottle.. how random is that .. with plastic lid of course..
"Don't Tell Porky Pies" .. I don't really know what it's trying to say, but I like it .. maybe because it had the word 'pork' and 'pie' in one ..
Even the glass bottle for the waters were random .. it kinda reminded me of that buddha beer bottle you can get from the bottle shops .. Although, these glass bottles were pretty small, so if you're a heavy water drinker,  you would have to keep asking for more water ..
Menu with the picture of the Hog basically everywhere .. I mean literally everywhere..
The menus are set in a fun way I guess, with all the bright colours, and all the random subheadings and photoes and all ..
They have like this random 'steak' menu by itself, as it tells you the price and pictures of the different steaks that they sell..
First order up hoggy ... 'Grilled Steak Sandwich'... Thought it was going to be, yeah yeah an average size .. but look at how it came out .... errr ....
Alright, look at the piece of the chunky tender grilled steak ... cooked at your own wants (medium rare, medium well etc).. served with beetroot, grilled onions, cheese and tomato ... all in a toasted Vienna Loaf .. with their hickory bbq sauce..
Curly fries anyone? Although, over here in Hogs Breath, they don't exactly call it 'Curly' fries.. Instead, they call it 'Hog Tail Fries' ... well, it does fit I guess ... seeing that Hogs' tails are curly ...
You can add extras for a lower price than the original price .. and this time, ordered an extra Caesar side Salad ..
Cos Lettuce, Crispy Bacon, Croutons, Parmesan Cheese and their Caesar dressing .. it was alright.. nothing special ..
This is the moment .. where I present to you ... a very hoggy lunch .. well, not very hoggy .. but it does involve pork .. It is called ' HOG WHEEL ' ... okay, first, it is called a wheel maybe because the shape of the porky meat is round? and it is grilled, as you can see by the grill marks on top of the hog meat ..
You can choose from their Original serve or their Lite serve .. This one was their Lite Serve, so there was only one hog wheel, while the Original serve, I'm guessing that they have two serves of the hog wheel ... but truthfully, for me, one was enough .. 
Char-grilled pork belly rolled with parsley and rosemary, served on Cajun rice with Hog Tail Fries, house salad and our new sweet plum and ginger glaze... Not bad huh?
The hog wheel was really nice and moist, outer part of the hog wheel may look abit dry but once you cut into it, and take a look, oh my goodness, all that ooziness and that porky feeling ..
Here's a photo of the Hog Wheel sliced in half .. you know what I mean now by the hoggyness fatness oozing ..
I think there should be more Hogs Breathe franchise restaurants around more .. There's not that much in Brisbane I think ..

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