The Bratwurst Shop + American Doughnut Kitchen, Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne

6:05:00 PM

 In Queen Victoria Markets ... What a better way to start the day, eating German Sausage for Breakfast hahahh..

 Weisswurst and Sauerkraut and cheese and onions and sauce on a warm crusty bread roll .. Such a good combination ... I think the place was called Melbourne Bratwurst Shop ... It was in the Deli Hall .. mmm
 My friends were so nice enough to buy this Jam Donuts .. and oh my goodness .. they are definitely a must try when going to Queen Victoria Markets in Melbourne .. They make it fresh on the spot, all hand rolled jam filled and sugar coated kyahahahh ... so you just have to wait and BANG they're right infront of you before you know it =) There's a mini van out and it's called American Doughnut Kitchen .. And there's usually a queue but hey, worth the wait I guess .. Luckily, I didn't wait.. and a bag full of them was given to me whilst I was munching happily on my German Sausage breakfast ..
Inside is hot, sugary jam filling and the outside ... The outside was nice and hot and then when you bite into them, the jam just simply ooooze out .... kiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 

Melbourne Bratwurst Shop: Melbourne Bratwurst Shop on Urbanspoon American Doughnut Kitchen: American Doughnut Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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