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Iki Japanese Restaurant, Galaxy Mall, Surabaya, Indonesia

October 20, 2011

I forgot the name of this sushi .. but all I know that the outer layer was deep fried .. the nori (seaweed) was deepfried with breadcrumbs .. the inside is colourful XP

The sign at the front of the restaurant ... And the dish below consists of miso soup on the top left hand corner of the tray, a salmon sashimi with other stuff ... i forgot what was inside other than tamago (egg) and ginger and cucumber and radish and hmmmmm or maybe it was like a mixture of sashimi in a bowl .. oh and soy sauce at the bottom .. 
A closer look of the sashimi .. mmmm the wonders of sashimi .. the taste of sashimi .. how it just melts .. the texture of sashimi .. gives me the tingles in my tummy ... mmmm .. the ginger was shaped like a flower which i found pretty cool ... but other than that .. nothing can beat 
This is Tempura Udon .. I guess like those typical Tempura Udons, they don't seperate the Tempura with the Udon ... For me, I prefer it being seperated due to the fact that once the Tempura is placed inside the Udon, the tempura doesn't go as crispy nor crunchy anymore .. it gets soggy ... unless the batter is really really really smart and really really good then it won't get soggy .. but usually .. soggy ... :(

A plate of sashimi mix ... Salmon, Fish and Squid ... and decorated again with cucumbers and some kind of glass noodle  hmmm and wasabi .. hmmmm.. kihihihihhihihihihihihi .. how can you resist such nice looking shiny looking raw seafood?
The sushi ... to die for ... well, not really .. just the 'deep-fried-nori' part is .. hahah .. the inside was actually just normal .. wasn't anything special .. but I thought the idea of frying the outer layer was smart ... I really wanna eat deep fried sushi ... like a whole sushi, but all deep-fried. ... I wonder how that would taste ...

And ... a random photo of the restaurant's cover for chopsticks photo ...

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