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International Cakes, Lonsdale St, Melbourne

October 17, 2011

International Cakes down at Lonsdale St is not something you ought to miss ... you should go in and just have a look .. even just having a little peep will make you go and at least try something .. hahah.. i mean, i was with a few friends who just came from Brisbane and was waiting for more people coming coz they were on different flights .. and we ended up coming here, but at the same time, we were gonna have lunch after... so we couldn't eat as much as we wanted to .. so we just tried two cakes ..

 Just look at the variety .. it's like a never-ending sweet stuff .... if i could, i would try all the chocolate ones... the ones with macadamians ... etc... oh and they have coffees as well ...
 This is Baklava ... oh my goodness .. it was .... arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sweet ...
 This was some kind of like pecan and something cake .. and they poured syrup on it as well .. it was so freaking sweet as .. my friend and I couldn't even finish it, but hey ... what to do .. we ended up stuffing the guys to eat it XP kihihhh .. telling them they shouldnt waste food and should help us finish it :)

 look at how rich the chocolate is .. roasted hazelnuts in chocolate ... almonds in chocolate.... everything in chocolate... arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..... i wished chocolate would just rain down from heaven ..
 I wanted to try this .. because it was Macadamian Nuts in it ... But just look at the name .. "Macadamia Tart .. Macadamia Paste Filling" ... soooooooooooooooo Macadamianeeee .... woooo .. you'll go crazy ..
 Didn't try this .. but it looks like rolled up waffle .... arhh .. im in love with waffles .. and yet, these are like .. or they just look like dipped waffles ... both ends.... arghhh...with almond bits... for those of you sweet-toothed .... i recommend you try anything sweet. ... in this sweet shop ...

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