Zum Kaiser, Brisbane German Club, Woolloongabba, Brisbane - my name is Food.

Zum Kaiser, Brisbane German Club, Woolloongabba, Brisbane

October 08, 2011

I didn't realise that there actually was a German restaurant in Brisbane.. but I finally found it... Came here the other night with a few friends of mine and it was full .. First time was a fail due to one of my friend wearing thongs on the night we came, so we ended up going somewhere else for dinner, but the second time, this time, it was good ... was abit hard to find a seat though but we managed and finally found a table for the four of us ..

Bought Beer .... I want to actually go to Oktober Fest, not only for the drinks but also for the food... we'll see..
This was 'Kassler' which was a 300g oven baked smoked pork loin chop served with fried potatoes and your choice of Sauerkraut or Red Cabbage..

'Frikadellen'.. German pork and beef mince rissoles mince herb and spices served with mashed potatoes and vegetables and gravy ... the vegetables were just steamed so it's a good tip to dip it into the gravy for some extra flavouring..
'Leberkaes' .. a German meatloaf served with mashed potatoes, Sauerkraut and mustard..

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