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Cafe Corretto, Lygon St, Melbourne

October 09, 2011

Lygon St Baby .. The street filled with Italian wonders and delicious food smell .. Busy throughout the day and busy throughout the night .. I walked from one end of Lygon St to the other end, and again but on the opposite side of the street ... It was lunch time and I told myself to definitely stop by somewhere and try one of these Italian restaurants .. There were a few choices in my mind but this cafe caught my eye, due to the fact they had Ferrari posters everywhere and a real Ferrari on their ceiling ... So why not? I like F1 .. why not try it anyway ..?

Looking through the menu, I had trouble deciding which pasta or pizza I should eat .. And I thought, it wouldn't hurt to eat a 3 course meal right? So I started off with Avocado Bruschetta (as recommended by the waiter that I was talking with) .. Toasted bread with herbs on it with the tomato mix and avocado topped up with a garnish :)
And I have to say, I did not regret it .. The herb bread was crunchy and the texture of it blending in with the tomato mix and avocado made it so nice to eat and bite and just tasting it inside your mouth ... kihihhh.. I finished it all ... without thinking ..
Main meal time ~~ I had trouble choosing what to get but ended up buying the Home Made Seafood Pasta Carbonara .. I chose fettucinne as it was one of my favourite kinds of pasta .. And so, I waited and when the waiter brought it out, I was actually surprised by the size of it .. As they had an Entree size and a Main size .. And I thought seeing as I will be eating other food as well, I should just stick with the Entree size .. However, truthfully, even if I wasn't getting the other foods, I would still have chosen the Entree size .. hahahh... 
No regrets either choosing this pasta .. due to the fact, 
1. Fettucine
2. Creamy
3. Seafood
hahahhh ... The sauce was creamy and was well-portioned as it coated my pasta well .. and it wasn't like those pasta dishes where you had to kind of save the sauce for your pasta due to the lacking amount of the sauce .. The seafood was not too bad as well, it contained octopus, mussels, squid and prawns .. The cutest thing was that the Fettucine was colourful XP hehehehehhe ... Sadly, I finished 98% of this dish and was nearly full, so I didn't get my 3 course meal, and instead got myself a 2 course meal .. but hey, there is still dinner XD
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