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Gelare, Galaxy Mall, Surabaya, Indonesia

October 20, 2011

 Gelare ... But not in Brisbane, Australia .. but in Surabaya, Indonesia .. down in Galaxy Mall .. I first knew about Gelare coz of Indonesia ... hmmm .. then suddenly had the urge to try the one down in Aussie :)
 This is basically .. two types of ice cream wrapped in some kind of chocolate crepe decorated with chocolate sauce .. hmmm .. the crepe was nice ... but the cookies n cream ice cream was heaven :) the blueberry wasn't too bad either ...

 The waffles came .. and oh my goodness .. the smell of it ... it was like heaven .. hahaha.. maybe because im a waffle fan, maybe thats why I'm saying this  hmmmh ... basically they've put our chosen ice cream on top and drizzled with syrup  .... 
 However, I felt as if it looked naked, so I asked for chocolate sauce on top .. and now it looks nicer heheheh ... this is what happens when I have a chocolate-feel-like-tummy during a time .. hmmmh ... the waffle was soooo nice .... i want more waffles ... i feel like eating waffles .. however, i couldn't even finish one waffle .. so i ended up sharing .. hahahah ... 

 Also tried this .. this is the Mango Sorbet and the I forgot what the other one is .. I think it was just normal Green Tea Ice cream .... Placed on top of a waffle cone but just spread out hahahh .. hmmmmm it was crunchy :) obviously ...

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