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Mambo Italia, QV Square, Melbourne

October 24, 2011

The photo above is an Arancini Ball with Tuna filling ... 
Mambo Italia in QV Square in Melbourne .. Pizzas and Pasta shop in Urban Market ... Was abit hungry so some of my friends and I were like trying to find snacks to eat, then I came across these big Arancini Balls which I thought were just big croquettes ... 

 There were heaps of different kinds of flavours and they had mini calzones as well .. but the Arancini balls attracted my appetite more and my eyes... hehehehh ..
 What is 'Arancini' you may wonder .. and yet ask .. Well, they are basically fried rice balls coated with breadcrumbs which are said to have originated from Sicily in the 10th century .. The name derives from the food's colour and shape .. As the shape is a reminiscent to an orange, the italian word for orange is arancia and arancina means little orange ...
 For some reason, they kinda remind me of big onigiri ... or something like that .. just fried hahahh .. 

 The different shapes of the Arancini balls, some may be round and some may be in a triangular shape .. What I like about these balls ( XD ) are that they are crispy on the outside, but once you take a bite of it or maybe just slice it in half, you can smell the italian taste and the creaminess etc .. And yet the rice is not dry or anything as they have the filling in the middle ...
 I think the top picture is Chicken and Vege .. from what I remember coz my friend wanted it .. And the bottom is the Pesto and Mozarella Arancini Ball ... look at the mozarella oozing out of the ball .. waaaaa~~

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