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Dome Coffees, Tunjungan Plaza, Surabaya, Indonesia

October 20, 2011

I did see a 'Dome Coffees" in Brisbane, however I haven't given it a try .. so maybe one day I will... Compare it to the one in Indonesia ... So this top photo is Caesar Salad with Salmon ... The portion was just enough I think, it wasn't too much or too little .. maybe a little bit more dressing would have been nice .. But i like the mixture of raw salmon, lettuce, olives, croutons and bacon .. maybe it's because I like vegetables and I like sashimi ... hahahh ... cheese is also in it, as no salad would be complete without its cheese ..
From what I remember, this was an Ice Lemon Tea .. Ice Lemon Teas in Asia are truly the best ... oh, and at the corner of the photo, you can see like a glimpse of Indonesian snacks .. =) handmade and got given to me, but sadly it was finished before I could bring it home =( so sad ...

Another photo of the Caesar Salad with Salmon ... kiiiiiiiiiiiiii .. I miss it ...
This is just plain, normal Caesar salad .. the only difference was that it had no salmon ..
Guess what this is .... It's got Fettucine ..Cream .. Bacon .. Pepper ... Coriander? .... It's Pasta Carbonara ... I was feeling like something creamy and something pastay, so I bought the Pasta Carbonara ... it wasn't too bad actually, but I wanna go to Real Italian Restaurants here .. Would be soooooooooo much better hahahah maybe maybe, when compared anyway ~~

This was Dome Club Sandwich ... It reminded me of the club sandwich from Treasury Casino in Brisbane hahah... they actually decorated it with shavings or carrot and cucumber .. with fried potato .. The sandwich was toasted and it had like chicken, cabbage, cheese, tomato, egg ... I liked the egg, seriously .. coz it was kind like half-cooked in a way .. mmmmm kihihihh... so the yolk wasn't dry or anything .. it was still yuuumm!

Pizza time ... I forgot which one I ordered .. but it was just okay i think ... 

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