Selasar Pitoe, Galaxy Mall, Surabaya, Indonesia - my name is Food.

Selasar Pitoe, Galaxy Mall, Surabaya, Indonesia

October 24, 2011

Sate Kelapa ... Coconut Satay .. Satay coated with shredded coconut and soy sauce and shredded coconuts on the side ... 

 The view from Selasar Pitoe restaurant .. This is the food court of Galaxy Mall, well, a part of it anyway ... at the end of the photo, it leads to the food court ... 
Waroeng Selasar Pitoe ... 

 Tahu Telor (Tahu = Tofu, Telor = Egg... so it is Egg Tofu... Tofu Egg) .. coated with peanut sauce and bean sprouts with prawn crackers ... I am actually not a big big fan of Tahu Telor, but times to times, i guess it's alright .. but I am a fan of the prawn crackers .. especially the different types ~~

 Nasi Goreng Jawa .. Javanese Fried Rice if translated in English ~~ I have had better .. but hey, it was alright I guess ...

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