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Pepper Lunch, Galaxy Mall, Surabaya, Indonesia

October 19, 2011

Pepper Rice with Salmon ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 "Pepper Lunch" is a Do It Yourself fast food steakhouse from Japan .. It has its own personalised iron plate with their logo stamped on it.. the food is basically raw, well the meat is anyway and then when you get it, you cook it yourself .. The rice is Peppered rice .. and the meat includes choices varying from Beef, Curry Chicken, Salmon, Eel and more .. They also have different types of steak meats such as Wagyu Diced Cut, Double Salmon, Hamburger, 'Tokusen' Rib Eye, 'Hitokuchi' Cut etc...
 I randomly tried it coz I was in the food court and didn't feel like eating local food .. so I tried Pepper Lunch..

 I think the one I bought is the Combo with Salmon and Chicken ... and it's all peppered ... so it's all peppery when you eat .. hahaha... It includes the sauce but the sauce comes in a little small sachet ... then you just basically mix it yourself ... hmmmmm quite an interesting concept ..
 "While the plate is hot!" ......
This is the Pepper rice with Salmon .. Raw Salmon Comes out ... and I mash it, mix it, cook it on the iron plate .. I do have to say that the iron plate is hot .. kihihihihhh..

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