Schonell Pizza Caffe, UQ, Brisbane - my name is Food.

Schonell Pizza Caffe, UQ, Brisbane

October 08, 2011

The Pizza Caffe in UQ definitely has good pizza to snack on or eat during uni breaks or if you're just chillling with a friend and want to share some food .. The pizza in the photo above is "Giannini" ..

All pizzas ordered is given a buzzer.. and when it buzzes and vibrates, it means your pizza is ready =)
Giannini has baby spinach, roasted chicken, grilled capsicum and ricotta cheese.... very healthy indeed :)
However, beer is definitely not healthy ... but my friend felt like drinking so we just bought one beer and shared it between us whilst just chatting chatting and munching on healthy pizza kihihihhh
So whenever you're at UQ, make sure you do try this cafe out because it is opened for lunch and dinner as well.. prices for alcoholic drinks are average.. but the pizzas are definitely worth a try.. it is gourmet, and even if it is in a university, who says university food has to be always not good? =)

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