Yamato Japanese Restaurant, Corrs Lane, Melbourne - my name is Food.

Yamato Japanese Restaurant, Corrs Lane, Melbourne

October 24, 2011

 Yamato Japanese Restaurant, a small Japanese restaurant tucked away in the lanes of Chinatown Melbourne .. Corrs Lane, a lane with only a few restaurants including an Indian restaurant, a chinese restaurant, a bar and nothing much basically ... Wasn't going to eat here as we had another Japanese restaurant in mind, but when after having the troubles of walking around at night and trying to find it, we found out that it was also in an alleyway and had heavy black steel door which blended its colour with the walls as well .. and another thing, it was fully booked ... So, we ended up going back to Chinatown and trying it out .. Even if we had to wait due to the place being packed as well ..

 Look at these massive sake bottles ... and the wine glasses at the top .. hmmm ... sadly they were empty ..
 I forgot the name of this dish .. and the bottom one, i'll get back to this blog ... mmm and let you know the names ... the top and bottom dish is the same thing just that the top has egg on top of it and the bottom one doesnt .. I think it was the Yamato Nabe ...

Beef Shogayaki .. was what I ate ... with the rice as well ... It was sooooooooooooooo yummy =) seriously .. I wanna make it at home hahahhh Yamato Japanese on Urbanspoon

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