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Yoyogi, Swanston St, Melbourne

October 10, 2011

Down in Swanston St in Melbourne, I saw a cute looking Japanese Restaurant called 'Yoyogi' .. It was already 9pm and my belly was already grumbling and yelling asking me to feed it .. So as I walked around Melbourne, I was thinking of what food I should eat .. and what I felt like eating .. First I thought of something Italian, but then came across this Japanese restaurant and thought, Why not give it a try?
I ordered the Nabeyaki Udon .. It has snow peas, half-boiled egg which is definitely my favourite, shallots~~ And on the side, it was prawn tempura, fish tempura and vegetable tempura which was pumpkin and from what I remember was either zucchini or something like that ...
For me, anything that is crunchy and crispy ... there would be a higher chance of me liking it more ... kihihhh ..
I also tried the Agedashi Tofu .. This is just basically deep fried tofu topped up with spring onions Hanakatsuo (also known as bonito flakes) which is shavings of dried fish .. It all sits in a bowl of hot tentsuyu soup which is a combination of dashi, mirin and sho-yu (japanese soy sauce) ..

Unfortunately, I didn't and couldn't finish these Agedashi Tofu as they  had 4 tofus and I ended up just eating 2 and leaving the rest behind :( I could've had it take-away but I thought to myself, if I did bring it back to the hotel, it wouldn't be as  yummy nor would the tofu's outer texture be as good and delicious as what they were when served straight after being cooked ... 
The place is actually pretty cozy .. and the chefs were japanese as well, so I thought that was a + for me .. Due to the fact that many Japanese restaurants nowadays are non-japanese owned and the chefs aren't japanese either ~~ There were a few other people also that were dining alone so I didn't feel as lonely .. hahahh
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